Who Makes 32 Degrees Clothing: Is This a Good Brand

When the weather starts to turn colder, people start looking for warmer clothing. One option is 32 Degrees clothing, which can be worn in a variety of climates. But who makes this type of clothing? Is it a good brand?

Who Makes 32 Degree Clothing?

32 Degrees is an American company that specializes in outerwear. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in New York. 32 Degrees sells its products through departmental and specialty stores all across the United States. The brand offers a wide range of jackets, coats, and hoodies for both men and women. In addition to its line of outerwear, 32 Degrees also sells a variety of other clothing items such as shirts, pants, and accessories. 

All of the brand’s products are designed to provide warmth and comfort in cold weather conditions. 32 Degrees is committed to providing high-quality products at an affordable price point. As a result, the brand has become a popular choice for both value-conscious shoppers and those looking for stylish cold-weather gear.

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What is Special About 32 Degrees Clothing?

32 Degrees clothing is designed for budget-minded shoppers who want both style and functionality from their clothes. Their collection offers great value and comfort at affordable prices. Their activewear is made from polyester, cotton, and spandex, which makes it affordable. You won’t find merino wool or other luxe fabrics here. Their clothes are designed for performance, meaning that they will hold up well during exercise or other activities. 

They also have a stylish look that will appeal to many people. Whether you’re looking for casual wear or workout clothes, 32 Degrees has something to offer.

Does 32 Degrees Clothing Keep You Cool?

32 Degrees is a line of clothing that is designed to keep you comfortable at any temperature. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, 32 Degrees has you covered. They offer a wide range of items for both men and women, including bras and underwear, base layers, t-shirts, joggers, and coats. One of the favorite things about 32 Degrees clothing is that they are temperature regulating. They keep us cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months [1].

Is 32 Degrees a Good Brand for Hiking?

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air, but it’s important to be prepared with the right clothing. In cold weather, you’ll need warm base layers that will keep you comfortable without being too bulky. In hot weather, you’ll need light, breathable fabrics that will wick away sweat. 32 Degrees offers a wide range of apparel for all seasons, so you can find the perfect outfit for your next hike. 

The clothes are made of mix-and-match fabrics that are designed to be both comfortable and stylish. So whether you’re hitting the trails in the middle of winter or enjoying a summer stroll, 32 Degrees has you covered.

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What is the 32 Degrees Return Policy?

The 32 Degrees return policy is pretty straightforward – if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 45 days for a refund or exchange. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, exchanges are only available for different colors or sizes of the same style – so if you want to return a pair of pants and exchange them for a shirt, you’ll need to process that as two separate transactions. 

Second, you can only exchange an item once. And finally, all returns must be authorized by customer service before they’re sent back, so be sure to contact them before you try to return anything. All in all, the 32 Degrees return policy is pretty fair and should give you no trouble as long as you understand the terms.

Who Owns 32 Degrees Clothing?

David Peyser Sportswear is a New York-based corporation that specializes in sportswear and outerwear. The company was founded in 1948, and it currently owns several labels, including 32 Degrees, Weatherproof, MV Sport, and Junior Gallery. While each of these brands has its own unique identity, they all share a commitment to quality and innovation. 32 Degrees is known for its stylish and affordable clothing, which has made it a favorite among both everyday shoppers and athletes. 

The brand’s popularity has only grown in recent years, as more people have become increasingly interested in staying active and comfortable in all types of weather. With its wide range of products, 32 Degrees has something to offer everyone who wants to stay warm, dry, and comfortable without sacrificing style.


Whether you are looking for affordable performance clothes or stylish, functional clothing, 32 Degrees is a great option. With a focus on comfort and functionality, their clothing is perfect for a variety of activities, from hiking to everyday wear. And with a generous return policy, you can shop with confidence. So next time you are looking for new gear, be sure to check out 32 Degrees.

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