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Who Makes Atlas Power Tools: Are These Tools Durable Enough for Your Needs

Atlas power tools are a popular choice for many do-it-yourself enthusiasts. But who makes Atlas power tools? Are they durable enough for your needs? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these tools and discuss who manufactures them.

Who Makes Atlas Power Tools?

The Atlas brand of power tools is manufactured by a company called Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight is a large chain of tool stores that sells both online and in physical locations across the United States. The Atlas brand specializes in lightweight, cordless power tools that are ideal for use outdoors. 


They offer a variety of different models, including both 40V and 80V versions, each powered by a lithium rechargeable battery system. In addition to offering a wide selection of products, Harbor Freight is also known for its competitive pricing, making Atlas one of the most affordable brands on the market.

What Are Atlas Tools?

Atlas tools are a new line of battery-powered, commercial-grade outdoor power equipment. The tools are designed to provide the performance of gas-powered tools with the benefits of battery-powered brushless technology. Some of the benefits of Atlas tools include increased productivity, longer run times, and lower maintenance costs. The tools are also designed to be more lightweight and compact than traditional gas-powered tools, making them easier to use and transport. 

In addition, Atlas tools come with a variety of attachments and accessories that allow users to customize their tool for any task. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a homeowner who wants the best possible performance from your outdoor power equipment, Atlas tools are an excellent choice.

Where Are Atlas Tools Made?

If you’re a fan of Harbor Freight, then chances are you’ve come across their Atlas brand. Atlas makes a wide range of tools, from power tools to hand tools, and they’re all very affordably priced. But where are these tools actually made?

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Just like pretty much any other product sold by Harbor Freight, Atlas products are manufactured in China [1]. Harbor Freight has factories there that produce all of their products, including Atlas tools. This allows them to keep costs down and pass the savings on to their customers.

Of course, some people prefer to buy tools that are made in the USA. However, it’s important to remember that Chinese manufacturing has come a long way in recent years, and Atlas tools are still high quality despite being made overseas. So if you’re looking for affordable tools, don’t hesitate to give Atlas a try – you won’t be disappointed.

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Are Atlas Batteries Any Good?

Atlas batteries are a good choice for those looking for an alternative to lead-acid batteries. They are made with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which is a safer and more stable compound than the traditional lithium-ion used in most batteries. As a result, Atlas batteries are less likely to overheat or catch fire. In addition, they can be charged faster and hold their charge longer than lead-acid batteries. 

Another advantage of Atlas batteries is that they are completely sealed and waterproof, so there is no risk of spills or leaks. Finally, they come in a rugged and damage-resistant box, making them easy to transport and store. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that Atlas batteries are becoming increasingly popular among campers and RVers.

Are Atlas Tools Durable Enough for Your Needs?

Atlas tools are designed for both professionals and homeowners who need durable, reliable power tools. The tools are made with high-quality materials and components, and they’re built to withstand heavy use. In addition, Atlas offers a variety of attachments and accessories that can be used with their tools to customize them for any task. 

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Whether you’re looking for a powerful cordless drill or a lightweight hand saw, Atlas has a tool that will suit your needs. And because they’re so affordable, you can buy multiple Atlas tools without breaking the bank.

When Should You Not Use Power Tools?

Power tools are a staple in many workshops and construction sites. They can make quick work of tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to do by hand. However, power tools can also be dangerous, and it is important to know when it is appropriate to use them. One situation when power tools should not be used is when the user is tired or distracted. This can increase the risk of mistakes, which can lead to serious injury. 

Another time when power tools should be avoided is when the work environment is wet or humid. This can create a risk of electrocution. Finally, power tools should not be used around flammable materials, as this can increase the risk of fire or explosion. By taking these precautions, workers can help to ensure their safety and avoid potential accidents.

Is It Safe to Use Power Tools in the Rain?

Many people believe that it’s perfectly safe to use power tools in the rain, but this is not necessarily the case. Most power tools are not designed for outdoor use, and using them in wet conditions can be dangerous. Water can cause electrical shock, damage to the tool, and even fires. 

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In addition, rain can make it difficult to see what you’re doing, increasing the risk of accidents. For these reasons, it’s best to avoid using power tools in the rain whenever possible. If you do need to use a power tool in wet weather, be sure to take extra precautions to stay safe.


Atlas tools are a great choice for those looking for affordable and high-quality tools. They are made in China, but this does not mean that they are inferior to other brands. In fact, Atlas tools are well-made and durable, and they offer a number of advantages over other brands. If you’re looking for an alternative to more expensive brands, give Atlas a try – you won’t be disappointed.

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