Costco Dog Food

Who Makes Costco Dog Food: What You Need to Know

Costco is a popular retailer known for its low prices and bulk offerings. But where does Costco get its dog food from? What are the implications of this? Here’s what you need to know.

Who Makes Costco Dog Food?

Costco is one of the leading retailers for those who want to purchase items in bulk. This includes their selection of dog food, which is made by the same manufacturer, Nature’s Domain Pet Food. This company is owned by Kirkland and produces food for other brands such as Kirkland, Solid Gold, and Taste of the Wild. 

Costco’s dog food is thus a high-quality product that is manufactured by a reliable and trustworthy company. When it comes to finding the best food for your furry friend, Costco is a great option to keep in mind.

Kirkland Dog Food

Is Kirkland Dog Food Made in China?

Costco’s private label pet food, Kirkland Signature, is made by Diamond Pet Foods. Diamond Pet Foods is a large, family-owned company that has been in business since 1970. It has manufacturing facilities in the United States, as well as in South America and Europe. 

However, the company does not disclose where each Kirkland Dog Food formula is made. This is not unusual for pet food companies; many do not disclose the country of origin for all of their ingredients. In general, it is likely that some ingredients in Kirkland Dog Food are sourced from China, but it is not possible to say definitively without more information from the company. 

Regardless of where the ingredients come from, Kirkland Dog Food is a high-quality food that provides dogs with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy.

Where Do the Ingredients Come From in Costco’s Dog Food?

Costco’s dog food is made in the United States and most of its ingredients come from local farmers and suppliers within the country. The company that makes Nature’s Domain, the food brand that Costco carries, is committed to using ingredients that are not only nutritious but also sourced from local farmers and suppliers. 

This means that the company is able to reduce its carbon footprint and support the American economy. Furthermore, by sourcing its ingredients domestically, Nature’s Domain can be sure of their quality and safety. In an increasingly globalized world, it is good to know that there are still companies committed to sourcing their products locally.

Where Does Costco Source Its Dog Food From?

While we can’t say for sure where exactly all of Costco’s dog food comes from, we know that it is made in the United States by Diamond Dog Food. Diamond is a company-owned manufacturing facility that produces food for a variety of brands, including Costco’s. The food is then shipped and sold in Costco stores worldwide. 

While we can’t say for sure where all of the ingredients come from, we do know that they are sourced from different parts of the country. So, if you’re wondering where Costco’s dog food comes from, the answer is: all over the United States.

Read about who makes Kirkland dog food if you’re interested in dog food manufacturers.

What Are the Implications of Buying Dog Food From Costco?

When you buy dog food from Costco, you can be sure that you are getting a product that is affordably priced and manufactured in the United States. In addition, the ingredients used in the food are sourced from local suppliers, ensuring that they are fresh and of high quality. Finally, because the food is sold in bulk, you can be sure that you will have plenty of food to last your dog for a long time. 

However, there are some potential drawbacks to consider before making your purchase. For example, because the food is sold in bulk, it may not be as fresh as food that you would buy from a specialty pet store. In addition, because Costco manufactures its own products, you may not have as much variety to choose from as you would if you shopped at a pet store that carried multiple brands. 

Despite these potential drawbacks, buying dog food from Costco can be a great way to save money and provide your dog with a nutritious meal.

Is Costco Dog Food Worth Buying?

Costco dog food is a great option for pet owners who are looking for a high-quality, affordable option. The food is made in the United States and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. In addition, the ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging, so you can be sure that your dog is getting a healthy diet. 

Costco also offers a variety of flavors and formulas to choose from, so you can find the perfect food for your dog’s unique needs. Whether you are looking for a basic kibble or a more elaborate formula, Costco has a variety of options to choose from. 

And because the food is sold in bulk, you can save money by buying in bulk. So if you are looking for affordable, high-quality dog food, Costco is definitely worth considering.


If you are looking for an affordable and reliable option for dog food, Costco is a great choice. Their dog food is made in the United States by a reputable company, and the ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. In addition, the food is sold in bulk, so you can be sure that you will have plenty to last your dog for a long time.

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