Who Makes Enes Kanter Shoes: Do These Shoes Came From a Well-Known Company

It’s no secret that basketball superstar Enes Kanter is one of the best players in the NBA. He’s a dominant force on the court, and he has the style to match. So it’s no surprise that his shoes are in high demand. But who makes Enes Kanter shoes?

Who Makes Enes Kanter Shoes?

Enes Kanter shoes, specifically the Air Jordan 35, are made by a company called Nike. Nike is one of the biggest and most popular shoe companies in the world, and they have a reputation for making high-quality shoes.

Nike has been making shoes for decades, and they’ve been involved in the basketball world for almost as long. They signed their first NBA player, Michael Jordan, in 1984, and they’ve been outfitting some of the best players in the league ever since. In addition to Enes Kanter, Nike also makes shoes for NBA stars like LeBron James [1], Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving.

Enes Kanter Shoes

Nike is known for making shoes that are both stylish and functional. Their shoes are designed to provide support and comfort while also helping players perform at their best. Nike’s innovative designs have helped them become one of the most popular shoe brands in the world.

When Did the Jordan 35 Come Out?

The Air Jordan 35 is the thirty-fifth basketball shoe in the Air Jordan legacy. It made its official debut in September 2020 and was released shortly thereafter. The Air Jordan 35 carries over some key innovations from the preceding model, the Air Jordan 34, while adding some key modifications of its own to improve performance. 

One of the most notable changes is the switch to a less cushioned ZoomX midsole foam, which provides better energy return without sacrificing impact protection. The outsole pattern has also been updated for better multi-directional traction, and the upper features a new lacing system that provides a more secure fit. 

Overall, the Air Jordan 35 is a minor update to an already excellent basketball shoe, and it continues the Air Jordan line’s tradition of providing top-tier performance on the court.

How Many Jordan Models Are There?

To date, there have been 26 different signature pairs of Air Jordan shoes hit the market, with each one drawing more hype than the next. The shoes revolutionized athletic footwear, and we can only wait and see what’s next on the list. Air Jordan I was released in 1985 and designed by Peter Moore. 

Jordan 35

It featured a sleek, black and red design that was later banned by the NBA – but that only made them more popular. The Air Jordan II was released the following year and featured an Italian-made design with a luxurious leather construction. From there, the line only got more popular, with each new release becoming a must-have for sneakerheads around the world.

What is Special About Air Jordan?

The Air Jordans’ exclusive level relative to other types of footwear has been the reason behind this phenomenon. They made these sneakers with extremely high-quality materials like full-grain calfskin and premium leather uppers like boots. Thus, people cannot marvel at the look and feel of a high-quality product. 

On top of that, they are only released in small quantities which creates an aura of exclusivity around them. This perfect storm of quality and scarcity is what has made Air Jordans so special and coveted by sneakerheads around the world.

Why Are Air Jordan Shoes So Hard to Get?

While Nike releases a limited amount of Air Jordans at a time, there are a variety of reasons why those shoes are so hard to get. The most obvious reason is supply and demand; if there are 20,000 people who want to buy a shoe but only 3000 pairs are available, the shoes are going to sell out very quickly. 

In addition, Nike often releases new Air Jordan models on Saturday mornings, which means that many people have to take time off from work or school in order to stand in line and purchase the shoes. Finally, Air Jordans are often resold at significantly higher prices by people who were able to purchase them early.

Jordan 35 shoes

This means that even if someone is willing to pay more for a pair of shoes, they may not be able to find them for sale. Ultimately, the combination of high demand and low supply makes Air Jordans some of the most coveted shoes on the market.

How Long Can Air Jordan Shoes Last?

Air Jordan shoes are some of the most popular sneakers on the market, known for their style, comfort, and durability. But how long do they actually last? With proper care, Air Jordans can last for 7 to 10 years, though occasionally wearing them can increase this time period. 

However, if you wear them on a daily basis, they will start to show signs of wear and tear more quickly. In order to keep your Air Jordans looking like new for as long as possible, it’s important to clean and store them properly. When not in use, store them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Avoid getting them wet or exposing them to extreme temperatures, as this can damage the material. 

Cleaning your Air Jordans regularly will also help prolong their life. Use a mild soap and water solution and avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbing too hard, as this can damage the shoe material. 


Nike is the company that makes Enes Kanter shoes. Nike is a well-known and respected company that has been making shoes for decades. The Air Jordan 35 is the thirty-fifth Air Jordan basketball shoe in the storied legacy. To date, there have been 26 different signature pairs of Air Jordan shoes hit the market. Supply and demand is the biggest reason Air Jordans are so hard to get.

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