Who Makes INFINITI Cars: Are These a Japanese Brand

Are INFINITI cars a Japanese brand? Or are they made in America? This article will tackle the answer to that question and it may surprise you.

Who Makes INFINITI Cars?

INFINITI cars are luxury vehicles originating from Japan. The INFINITI brand began in 1985 as a performance luxury extension of the well-known automaker Nissan. The company behind INFINITI is Nissan Motor Co., which is the Japanese automotive company responsible for Nissan’s luxury vehicles. In 1987, INFINITI got its name and officially launched in 1989. 

Today, INFINITI cars boast expert craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and cutting-edge technology – all features that drivers have come to expect from a top-tier luxury car manufacturer. When you get behind the wheel of an INFINITI car, you can be confident that you’re driving one of the finest automobiles on the market.


Where Are INFINITI Cars Made?

INFINITI was introduced in 1989 with the goal of competing with other luxury brands such as Lexus and Acura. Today, INFINITI offers a wide range of vehicles, from sedans and SUVs to crossovers and sports cars. A majority of the INFINITI models are made in Japan where the brand was birthed, but some of the models, such as the QX60 crossover and the QX50 crossover, were manufactured in other places, such as Smyrna, Tennessee, and Mexico. 

There are several other manufacturing plants located in Canada [1], Europe, the Middle East, and Britain, which is where some additional INFINITI models are produced. INFINITI models have garnered a reputation for being reliable and stylish, and they continue to be popular among luxury car shoppers.

What Makes INFINITI Different?

INFINITI is a luxury brand that offers a higher level of features and amenities than Nissan. Some of the added perks you’ll get by choosing INFINITI include leather upholstery, seat heaters, more advanced electronics, smart keys, superior noise insulation, and real wood accents. 

These added features can make a big difference in your driving experience, and they may be worth the extra cost if you’re looking for a truly luxurious vehicle. However, it’s important to keep in mind that INFINITI vehicles also come with a higher price tag, so be sure to consider all of your options before making a final decision.

What Engines Does INFINITI Use?

INFINITI engines are mostly made by Nissan, with a few exceptions for special models. While it is true that they are Nissan engines, they should not be confused with the engines used in Nissan models. Nissan is the parent brand, with INFINITI as its luxury division. 

INFINITI close up

The engines used in INFINITI models are designed specifically for luxury performance, and they undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the high standards set by the brand. As a result, INFINITI engines offer drivers powerful performance and exceptional reliability. 

What Happens If You Don’t Put Premium Gas in an INFINITI Car?

All gasoline engines require a higher octane rating to prevent knocking. Knocking is a destructive event that happens when the air or fuel mixture in the cylinders ignites too early. This can cause engine damage and reduced performance. The octane rating of a fuel is a measure of its ability to resist knocking. The octane rating of premium gasoline is typically 91 or higher. 

If you use gasoline with a lower octane rating, you may hear knocking. If this happens, you should switch to a fuel with a higher octane rating as soon as possible. If you continue to use fuel with a lower octane rating, you could damage your engine and void your vehicle warranty. So if you’re driving an INFINITI, be sure to fill up with premium gas to avoid any problems.

Does the INFINITI Car Last?

INFINITI is a luxury automaker that offers a wide range of high-end vehicles. Though they are known for their stylish designs and luxurious features, many people wonder if INFINITI cars are built to last. In general, INFINITI cars are quite durable. They are made well, and most are strong enough to stand up against age. According to, the best INFINITI models can last around 200,000 miles without much maintenance. 


They are one of the best picks for a luxury brand that can sustain itself on the road for a long time. Of course, like any car, INFINITI will eventually run into some problems as they age. But with proper care and regular maintenance, an INFINITI can easily last for over a decade. 

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Is INFINITI a Good Car to Buy?

When it comes to finding a reliable car, INFINITI is a solid choice. With a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5.0, INFINITI ranks 16th out of 32 all car brands. This rating is based on an average across 345 unique models. In terms of ownership costs, the average annual repair cost for an INFINITI is $638, which is slightly above average. 

But when you consider the overall reliability of the brand, as well as the average ownership costs, INFINITI is a good choice for a reliable car.


INFINITI is a Japanese luxury car manufacturer that was founded in 1985. The brand produces a wide array of cars, from sedans to SUVs, and has manufacturing plants all over the world. While their Reliability Rating isn’t the best, they still offer many features that make them a desirable choice for those looking for a luxurious driving experience.

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