Who Makes Military M4: The Kept Secret

M4 rifles are some of the most popular firearms in the world. They are used by militaries and law enforcement agencies all over the globe. But who makes them? And where do they come from? This article will explore those questions and more.

Who Makes Military M4?

The M4 is a carbine that was developed and produced for the United States government by Colt Firearms. The M4 is part of the M4 family of weapons. The US Army took over ownership of the M4 design in 2009. That allowed it to contract with various companies for production. The original designer and producer Colt was joined by Remington in production and later by FN Herstal. 

So currently, Colt, Remington, and FN Herstal can make M4s for the US military. The M4 is a gas-operated, air-cooled, magazine-fed rifle that has a 14.5 barrel. 

military M4

Is M4 Better Than M16?

In terms of raw statistics, the M4 is better in almost every way. It’s lighter, shorter, fires more rapidly, and is more accurate. The main practical advantage of the M16 over the M4 is that it has a slightly longer effective range: whereas the M4 is accurate out to about 545 yards, the M16 can accurately hit targets out to 600 yards. However, for most combat situations, the extra range provided by the M16 is simply not necessary. 

In fact, the shorter barrel of the M4 makes it easier to maneuver in close quarters, which is a more common combat scenario. Ultimately, the M4 is a superior weapon in almost every way, and is the standard-issue rifle for the US military for good reason.

Is the M4 the Same as AR-15?

AR-15 is the civilian version of the M4 carbine. Both are semi automatic rifles that fire a 5.56mm round. The M4 is the standard issued rifle for the US military, while the AR-15 is a popular civilian rifle. The main difference between the two is that the M4 can fire in full auto, while the AR-15 cannot. 

The M4 is also slightly shorter than the AR-15, which makes it more maneuverable in close quarters. Both rifles are accurate and reliable, making them a popular choice for hunting and target shooting [1]. So, whether you’re looking for a military-grade rifle or a civilian version, the M4 and AR-15 are both excellent choices.

Do Soldiers Like the M4?

Soldiers generally like the M4 carbine. A 2006 CNA Corporation report surveyed US Army combat veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan for their opinions on modern infantry weapons. 89 percent felt their M4 carbine was reliable in combat, and only 19 percent had experienced a stoppage in battle. 

5.56mm M4 CARBINE

The troops also praised the M4’s lightweight, which made it easier to carry on long patrols. In addition, the M4’s shorter length made it more maneuverable in close-quarters situations. Overall, the troops felt that the M4 was a reliable and effective weapon.

Why Does the M4 Jam So Much?

Anyone who has ever been stuck in a traffic jam knows the frustration of being unable to move. The same is true for soldiers who are relying on their weapons to function in combat. The M4, one of the most popular assault rifles used by the US military, has been known to jam frequently. While the exact reasons for the weapon’s malfunctions are unclear, experts believe that dirt and sand may be to blame. 

In dusty conditions, the M4’s internal mechanisms can become clogged, causing the weapon to jam. In addition, the rifle’s aluminum magazines are susceptible to denting, which can also lead to jams. While the M4 is a reliable weapon under normal circumstances, its propensity for jamming can be a serious problem in combat situations.

Does the M4 Overheat?

The M4 rifle is a popular military weapon, but it has been known to overheat. This is Because the M4’s design recycles hot gasses from each shot back into the rifle to load the next bullet. The gasses can heat the rifle until it’s too hot to touch. Other design issues have also been blamed for the M4’s overheating problems. For example, the M4 carbine accommodates the M-203 grenade launcher under the barrel. 

Colt M4A1

This can add to the heat build-up in the rifle. In addition, the M4’s magazine is located behind the pistol grip, which can also contribute to overheating. Soldiers have been known to put ice packs on their M4s to keep them cool in hot environments. Some have even modified their M4s with after-market cooling systems. 

It is unclear whether these modifications actually improve the rifle’s performance or simply make it more comfortable for the soldier to use. Ultimately, the decision whether or not to use an M4 in hot weather conditions is up to the individual soldier and his or her unit commander.

Is the Military Getting Rid of the M4?

The M4 carbine is the standard service rifle of the United States Army and Marines and has been in use since the early 1990s. In recent years, however, there have been calls for the M4 to be replaced by a more modern rifle. The Army has now taken steps to do just that, announcing on April 20, 2022, that it had signed a contract to procure the new XM5 rifle. 

The XM5 is said to be more accurate and lighter than the M4 and is also equipped with a new type of ammunition that is said to be more effective against body armor. The Army plans to begin fielding the XM5 in 2023, with the eventual goal of replacing all M4s with the new rifle. While some soldiers may lament the death of the M4, it seems clear that the time has come for a new generation of weapons.


The M4 is a popular rifle used by militaries and law enforcement agencies all over the globe. It is produced by Colt, Remington, and FN Herstal. The M4 is better than the M16 in every way. It is basically the same as an AR-15 but with the ability to fire in full auto. Soldiers generally like the M4, but it does jam sometimes and can overheat. The Army is eventually getting rid of the M4 in favor of the XM5. 

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