Who Makes Mitchell Guitars: Are These Guitars Worth Buying

Mitchell Guitars are one of the most popular guitar brands on the market. But who makes them? And are they worth buying? 

Who Makes Mitchell Guitars?

Mitchell Guitar was first established in 1986 by Guitar Center. The brand was named after its founder, Wayne Mitchell, in honor of his contributions to the company. Mitchell Guitars specializes in affordable, high-quality instruments that are perfect for beginner and intermediate players. The company offers a wide range of acoustic and electric guitars, as well as basses, ukuleles, and mandolins. 

While Mitchell Guitars may not have the same name recognition as some of the other big brands, their instruments are just as good, if not better. 

Mitchell Terra Series

Where Are Mitchell Guitars Made?

Mitchell Guitars is a US guitar company known for its affordable, yet high-quality instruments. Although the majority of their guitars are made in China, the company does have some models that are manufactured in Vietnam. The quality of their Chinese-made guitars has improved in recent years, but it’s still important to play a few before you buy to make sure you get a good one. 

The Mitchell Modern Single-Cutaway Electric Guitar is their only model that’s not made in China, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for a high-quality guitar without spending a lot of money.

Are Mitchell Guitars Good for Beginners?

If you’re looking for a guitar that’s easy to play and has a comfortable design, then Mitchell Guitars are a great option. Their acoustic guitars have thin bodies which makes them easy to hold, and their more expensive models even have contoured armrests for extra comfort. Additionally, their electric guitars have fast necks which are ideal for learning faster playing styles [1]. 

Plus, since they’re more affordable than some other brands, you can get a great-sounding guitar without breaking the bank. So if you’re starting out and looking for a quality guitar, then Mitchell is definitely worth checking out.

Mitchell Terra Series guitar

Are Mitchell Guitars Good for Metal?

Mitchell Guitars are a great choice for hard-rock, heavy-metal, and fusion virtuosos. They feature a resonant basswood body and lightning-fast, slim-taper, C-shaped, hard-rock maple neck with real abalone inlays. The vintage Voice dual humbucker pickups give you the power to create piercing solos and rumbling rhythms reminiscent of the greats. 

If you’re looking for a guitar that can keep up with your blistering speed and punishing riffage, then a Mitchell is the way to go. Plus, they just look cool as hell. 

What Strings Do Mitchell Guitars Use?

If you’re the owner of a Mitchell acoustic guitar, you might be wondering what kind of strings you should use. Most Mitchell acoustic guitars are strung with D’addario EJ16 light Phosphor Bronze Wound strings. These strings are known for their rich, full sound and excellent durability. However, the short-scale of the MDJ10 utilizes GHS Phosphor Bronze Extra Light (11-50gg) strings. 

These lighter strings are easier on the fingers and produce a brighter, more delicate sound. Regardless of which string you choose, restringing your Mitchell guitar is a simple process that anyone can do. 

Where Can You Buy Mitchell Guitars?

Mitchell Guitars are best known for their value and affordability. The company offers a wide range of acoustic and electric guitars, as well as ukuleles and basses, making them a great option for beginner and intermediate players. While Mitchell is a Guitar Center brand, their instruments are also available from other retailers. Walmart has begun stocking Mitchell guitars, and they can also be found online at Musicians Friend. 

Mitchell Terra guitar

One of the best things about Mitchell is that they offer a wide range of models to choose from, so players can find the perfect instrument to suit their style and needs. Whether you’re looking for an acoustic guitar to play around the campfire or an electric guitar to shred on stage, Mitchell has you covered. 


So, are Mitchell guitars worth buying? We would say yes, especially if you are looking for a guitar in the lower to mid-price range. They offer great value for the money and there are some very nice models to choose from. Just make sure you get one from a reputable retailer and dealer so you can be sure of its quality. 

Also, be sure to check it out thoroughly before you buy to make sure there are no defects. With a little bit of care, a Mitchell guitar can give you years of playing enjoyment.

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