Who Makes Pokemon Cards: Are These Made in America

In a world where many products are made in China, it may come as a surprise to learn that most Pokemon cards are made in America. This article will explore the history and production of Pokemon cards, and how they’ve become one of America’s most iconic exports.

Who Makes Pokemon Cards?

Pokémon cards are a hugely popular collectible, with children and adults alike collecting them for trade and play. But who actually makes these cards? The answer is the Pokémon Company. The Pokémon Company has recently acquired Millennium Print Group, a company that specializes in printing cards for trading card games. This acquisition will allow the Pokémon Company to have more control over the production of their cards, ensuring that they are of the highest quality possible. 

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Millennium Print Group has been working with the Pokémon Company since 2015, and as of March 2022, the game has sold over 43.2 billion cards worldwide. With this new level of control, the Pokémon Company can continue to produce high-quality cards that collectors will love.

Where Are Pokémon Cards Manufactured?

The international media phenomenon of Pokémon took the world by storm in 1996. But few people know that the Pokémon game cards are printed and packaged in South Dakota. The partnership between the Japanese company Nintendo and United States printer Wizards of the Coast began in 1999 when Wizards of the Coast was contracted to produce the English-language versions of Pokémon cards. 

The production process is highly automated, with each card passing through more than a dozen printing presses before being cut, collated, and packaged. The cards are then shipped to retailers around the world, where they are sure to bring smiles to the faces of millions of Pokémon fans.

How Pokémon Cards Are Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of Pokémon cards is quite fascinating. In order to create a high-quality card, multiple layers of paper are glued and compressed together to make a giant sheet. Once the sheet is made, they print out the art of each card on the sheet using multiple layers of different color ink. After the ink dries, they die-cut the sheet into individual cards. 

Then, each card is coated with a clear film to protect it from damage. Finally, the cards are cut down to their standard size and packaged for sale. Each Pokémon card goes through all of these steps before it ends up in your hands.

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What is the Rarest Pokémon Card?

Pokemon cards are serious business. The most expensive Pokemon card in the world sold for a whopping $5.275 million in July 2021. That’s right-million. The card was a Pikachu Illustrator Promo card and it was graded PSA 10, meaning it was in perfect condition. The card was purchased by none other than social media personality Logan Paul [1]. 

While Paul is certainly no stranger to spending large amounts of money, even he was surprised at how much the card went for.

How Many Original Pokemon Cards Are There?

The original Pokémon cards were released in English in January of 1999 and were an instant hit with children and adults alike. The cards quickly became collectible items, with some cards fetching high prices on the secondary market. The first generation of Pokémon cards included the Base Set (102 cards), the Jungle expansion (64 cards), and the Fossil expansion (62 cards). 

Together, those 228 cards make up the very first generation of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. 

Are Japanese Pokemon Cards Worth More?

Are Japanese Pokemon Cards Worth More? This is a question for the experts. While Japanese collectibles are not as easy to damage, English ones come in better condition. Therefore, English collectibles are worth more than Japanese ones. What about the printing process? Japanese cards are printed by hand and go through a die-cutting process that is different from the one used for English cards. 

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The edges of Japanese cards are also usually much more rounded than those of English cards. Finally, there is the issue of rarity. Some Japanese cards are much rarer than their English counterparts, making them more valuable to collectors. However, this is not always the case, so it is important to do your research before purchasing any Pokemon card. 

Whether you are looking for a valuable investment or simply a fun way to collect your favorite monsters, Pokemon cards can provide hours of enjoyment.


While many products are made in China, it is heartening to know that some iconic American exports, like Pokémon cards, are still made in America. These cards are manufactured with care and attention to detail, ensuring that each one is of the highest quality. What’s more, the Pokémon Company has a commitment to sustainable sourcing, ensuring that the materials used to make these cards are sourced from environmentally-friendly sources. 

So, the next time you sit down to play a game of Pokémon with your friends, know that you’re playing with cards that are truly American-made.

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