Who Makes Series 70 1911: The Sought After Gun Model

The 1911 pistol is a model that is highly sought after by gun enthusiasts and collectors alike. The reason for its popularity is due to the fact that it is reliable, accurate, and has a timeless design. But with so many different manufacturers producing their own version of 1911, it can be difficult to determine who makes series 70 1911 pistols. 

Who Makes Series 70 1911?

The new Series 70 1911 is a return to the original design. It has the same grip angle and slide-to-frame fit as the original. The beavertail safety is not extended and the thumb safety does not have a raised pad. The trigger is not adjustable. The hammer is the original spur type. The front sight is dovetailed into the slide and the rear sight is integral to the frame. The pistol is striker fired and does not have a firing pin safety. 

The take-down procedure is the same as for the original Colt 1911. The only change from the original design is that the new Series 70 1911 has a shorter guide rod. The new Series 70 1911 is made by Colt in America. It is available in stainless steel or blued finish with wood grips or synthetic grips. 

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What is the Difference Between a 1911 70 Series and 80 Series?

The first thing most people notice about the Series 80 is the firing pin safety. This was added in an attempt to make the gun more Drop Safe. Drop Safe means that if the gun is dropped, it won’t fire until the trigger is pressed all the way back. The firing pin block is moved out of the way by the trigger press and allows the firing pin to hit the primer. The Series 70 doesn’t have this firing pin safety. 

Another difference between the two is that the Series 80 has a heavier trigger pull. This is because of the extra tension placed on the trigger from the firing pin safety. Some people don’t like this extra tension, but it can be adjusted by a gunsmith [1]. Lastly, there is a very small difference in slide-to-frame fit. On a Series 70, you can sometimes see a very small amount of light coming through where the slide meets the frame. 

On a Series 80, this gap is non-existent because of how tight the tolerances are. This difference is so small that it’s hard to notice, but it’s there nonetheless. The 70 Series was created first and is considered by many to be the purest form of the 1911 design. The 80 Series was created later and introduced some changes that were meant to improve safety and function. 

Will a 1911 Fire If Dropped?

It is a common misconception that all 1911 pistols will fire if dropped. While it is true that the original 100-year-old design can discharge from firing pin inertia if dropped on either end, particularly if thousands of trigger pulls have weakened the firing pin spring, this has been corrected in modern designs. 

The current crop of 1911 pistols features firing pins that are locked in place until the trigger is pulled, and drop safeties that prevent the hammer from contacting the firing pin unless the trigger is fully depressed. As a result, a modern 1911 is no more likely to fire if dropped than any other semi-automatic pistol. 

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Is It Safe to Carry 1911 Cocked and Locked?

Conventional wisdom is that a cocked and locked 1911 – in other words a 1911 pistol that has been loaded, cocked and the manual safety engaged – is the best way to carry that particular gun. In fact, it’s one of the safest ways to carry one or indeed, any gun that has one. The thinking behind this is that with the hammer cocked and the safety on, the gun can’t go off accidentally. 

Even if it’s dropped or jarred, the safety should prevent the hammer from falling and firing the gun. And if someone tries to take it away from you, it will be more difficult for them to do so if the hammer is cocked. The downside to carrying a cocked and locked 1911 is that it can be uncomfortable, especially if you’re not used to it. And if you do need to use your gun in a self-defense situation, you’ll have an extra step to remember – disengaging the safety before you can fire. 

What is Better Than 1911?

The Glock is a popular choice for many people looking for a reliable and durable handgun. While it may not be as popular as 1911, it has many features that make it a better choice for some people. For example, the Glock is simpler to use than 1911, and once the trigger is mastered, it is just as accurate in combat. Additionally, Glocks can fire tens of thousands of rounds without malfunction or damage, and are more corrosion-resistant than 1911s. 

As a result, the Glock is a great choice for people who are looking for a reliable and durable handgun that will fit their needs.

Why is 1911 Outdated?

The 1911 is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol originally designed by John Browning. It was the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. It was widely used in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. 1911 is still in use today by some US Special Forces units. 1911 is an outdated design because it is a single-action pistol. This means that the hammer must be cocked before each shot. 

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Modern pistols are double-action, meaning that the hammer is automatically cocked when the trigger is pulled. Double-action pistols are faster to fire and easier to shoot accurately. Another reason the 1911 is outdated is that it is not a very reliable pistol. It is finicky and demands constant attention. Modern pistols are much more reliable and require less maintenance.

Finally, 1911 is outdated because it is not as accurate as modern pistols. It has a shorter sight radius and its fixed sights are not as adjustable as modern designs. Modern pistols have longer sight radius and more adjustable sights, making them more accurate. So, while the 1911 may have been a state-of-the-art pistol design 100 years ago, it is now outdated and has been eclipsed by more modern designs.


So, who makes series 70 1911? The answer is Colt. However, there are many other manufacturers that produce their own version of the 1911 pistol. It is up to the individual to decide which one is right for them.

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