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Who Makes Subaru Oil? One of the Most Popular Engine Oils

Subaru Oil is one of the most popular engine oils on the market. It is used in a variety of vehicles across different countries. However, many users are unaware of who makes this oil. This blog post will explore the manufacturer behind Subaru oil and what sets it apart from other oils on the market.

Who Makes Subaru Motor Oils?

Idemitsu is one of the top global lubricant manufacturers, and they have been producing quality oils for over a century. Based in Japan, Idemitsu has a long history of innovation and excellence. They are currently one of the only companies that produce Subaru oil. 

Subaru Motor Oils

This oil is specially formulated to meet the demanding standards of Subaru vehicles. It is engineered to protect against wear and tear and helps keep your engine running smoothly. In addition, Idemitsu oil is designed to extend the life of your engine.

Where Are Subaru Motor Oils Made?

The plants that produce this oil are situated in several countries, with the most notable ones being in Japan and Indiana, USA. The blending facilities for the oil are located in Indiana, which allows for a more refined product. The company takes great pride in its development and quality, which is why they have established these plants in various locations. 

This allows them to maintain a high level of quality control while also providing their product to a broader audience. Idemitsu is a company that cares about its product and customers, which is evident in its efforts to provide the best possible outcome.

Are Subaru Oils Any Good?

API and ILSAC GF-5 certifications are not easy to come by. To earn either, motor oil must prove its quality and efficiency through strict tests. So when you see that Subaru motor oil has API and ILSAC GF-5 certifications, you know that it’s a top-quality product. 

What’s more, Subaru has been in the business for over 100 years, so you can trust that they know something about making high-performance motor oil.

You might wonder why you should choose Subaru motor oil over regular ol’ oil. Well, there are quite a few benefits to using it. For one, it provides better lubrication for your engine, which can lead to increased power and better fuel efficiency. 

Additionally, it will last up to 7500 miles before needing to be changed – that’s almost twice as long as regular motor oil! So if you’re looking for motor oil that will go the extra mile (literally), then Subaru is the way to go.

What Are the Types Of SUBARU Motor Oils Available?

Everyone who owns a Subaru knows that using the appropriate oil is the most critical factor in ensuring that their vehicle continues to perform faultlessly. The oil used in Subaru vehicles can be either conventional or synthetic, and it is available in three distinct grades: 5W-30, OW-20, and 5W-20. 

The price of synthetic oils is more than that of traditional oils, but these lubricants are superior since they have a longer shelf life and offer enhanced defense for your vehicle’s engine. You should use the precise kind compatible with your engine, which you can figure out by consulting the user manual. 

Because putting the wrong oil in your engine can cause serious harm, selecting the right oil for your vehicle requires careful consideration. You’ll be happy to know that Subaru makes it simple to get the appropriate motor oil for your car, allowing you to maintain it performing as if it were brand new for many years.

If you wish to get more information about other reputable brands making engine oils, check out who makes Kirkland motor oil.

Where To Buy Subaru Oil Filters?

Oil filters are essential in protecting your engine by trapping contaminants and foreign particles that can cause damage. Over time, oil filters can become clogged with dirt and debris, which can reduce their efficiency and cause your engine to work harder. You can get a replacement on the internet; they’re easy to find. 

Subaru Motor Oils Filters

They offer oil filters online at sites like and Amazon. Any machine part store should have them on hand as well. Subaru oil filters are designed to trap more contaminants than other brands, making them an ideal choice for preventing engine damage. 

They are also relatively affordable and easy to find, making them a convenient option for maintaining your engine. Whether you purchase them online or at a local parts store, Subaru oil filters can help keep your engine running smoothly for years.

What Are The Best Subaru Oils?

The grade of Subaru synthetic oil might vary, even though it is one of your engine’s most refined synthetic oils. There are specific grades that are significantly higher than the others. Synthetic oils of the Subaru 5W-30 and 10W-10 varieties are most commonly suggested for use in Forrester engines. 

For vehicles that do not have turbochargers, Subaru developed their own specially formulated 0W-20 motor oil. Subaru 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil, on the other hand, is recommended by experts for turbocharged engines.

If you want to extend your non-turbocharged engine life, use 0W-20 Subaru motor oil. It’s a good fit, and it’s incredibly well put together. Cold-cranking is a term that describes an oil’s ability to perform well in cold temperatures, thus the “W” in the name.

Synthetic 5W30 oil pours or flows better than 30-weight motor oil when it’s severely chilly outside. While most current engines require 5w30 oil, the 0w20 oil is becoming common in newer models as automakers seek to reduce engine oil viscosity to enhance fuel-efficiency ratings. As a result, you have a variety of options when it comes to the synthetic oil that’s right for your Subaru.

What Are the Alternatives Of Subaru Oil?

Your Subaru engine works hard to keep your car running smoothly, and one of the best ways to keep it healthy is to use the right motor oil. Subaru formulated synthetic or semi-synthetic motor oil is designed specifically for Subaru engines, so it’s always the best choice if you can find it. 

However, there are a few good alternatives if Subaru motor oil isn’t available. Mobil, Chevron, and Harvest are all excellent options. Just be sure not to change the viscosity of your engine oil when you switch brands. Different engines have different oil requirements, so what works for one type of engine might not work for another. 

For example, Chevron Delo 400 semi-synthetic oil is a good choice for gasoline engines, but it’s not suitable for all engine types. So when choosing a new motor oil, check that it’s compatible with your engine and has the proper viscosity. 

With some research, you can find an oil that will keep your Subaru engine running strong for years.


Most Subaru oil users are unaware of the company behind all these various high-quality oils. Idemitsu has been serving in this field for over a century. You realize that anyone has to keep up their quality to sustain here for this long time. So never hesitate to buy Subaru Oil if you need it! Idemitsu offers both premium quality engine oils, and there is no doubt about that. 

The company has a wide range of oils suitable for all needs and requirements. They use the latest technology and an experienced team to produce these oils. So, if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy oil brand, then Idemitsu is perfect!

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