Who Makes the P$$t Brand: Is This a Product of Kroger

The P$$t brand has been around for a while and is known by many. But who actually makes this product? Kroger is the company behind this familiar name, but what else do we know about them? In this blog post, we’ll explore Kroger’s history and its role in the production of P$$t. Keep reading to learn more.

Who Makes the P$$t Brand?

The P$$t brand is one of the new store brands released by the company Kroger together with Heritage Farm and Check This Out. The Kroger Company, or simply Kroger, is an American retail company that operates (either directly or through its subsidiaries) supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the United States. 

Founded by Bernard Kroger in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger operates approximately 2,720 grocery retail stores under its various banners and divisions in 35 states and the District of Columbia with store formats that include hypermarkets, supermarkets, superstores, department stores, and 130 jewelry stores. 

The P$$t brand was created to offer Kroger’s customers high-quality yet affordable options for food and supplies. So far, the P$$t brand has been well-received by customers and is quickly becoming a popular choice.


What is the P$$t Brand?

P$$t is a new brand from Kroger, and it’s all about shelf-stable foods. The brand was developed after months of customer research, and it’s now available in all Kroger stores. P$$t products are designed to be convenient and easy to store, making them perfect for busy families. 

From breakfast foods to snacks and dinner options, P$$t has something for everyone. And because the products are shelf-stable, they’re always fresh and ready to eat. So whether you’re looking for an easy breakfast solution or a quick snack, P$$t has you covered.

Is Kroger a Good Brand?

Kroger is a great place to shop for food, especially for those on a budget. According to a recent survey, Kroger is the third most popular grocery store in the US behind Trader Joe’s and Aldi. Kroger has a wide selection of meats and produces and is very affordable. 

In addition, Kroger also offers a loyalty program that gives shoppers discounts on their groceries. Overall, Kroger is a great option for those looking for a place to buy affordable and quality food.

What Strategy Does Kroger Use?

The Kroger Company uses the broad differentiation generic strategy for competitiveness to achieve a wide market scope. In other words, the grocery and multi-department store chain offer a differentiated product mix in multiple market segments. The company’s strategies in terms of cost leadership and focus are not as apparent. However, the company’s use of the differentiation strategy is clear, based on business model analysis [1]. 

For example, Kroger supermarket locations have a wide variety of merchandise to attract multiple customer segments such as students, working professionals, families with children, and the elderly. The company sells its products under 24 banners to target distinct customer groups such as Fred Meyer for one-stop shopping and Harris Teeter for high-quality perishables. 

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Overall, using the differentiation generic strategy supports Kroger’s goal to become a leading retailer in the United States. This generic strategy enables the company to widen its market reach while appealing to more types of customers. Therefore, Kroger can generate more revenue from a broad customer base while still providing products that satisfy the needs of each distinct group. 

However, the company faces stiff competition from powerful rivals such as Walmart and Amazon, which also offer differentiated products to a wide range of customer segments in many parts of America. Nevertheless, with its large base of loyal customers and effective strategic approach to business operations, Kroger can continue expanding its reach in various markets across America.

What Are Kroger’s Strengths?

Kroger operates in a highly competitive industry and faces challenges from larger companies such as Walmart and Amazon. However, the company has been able to maintain a leading position through its focus on customer service and convenience. For example, Kroger was one of the first supermarkets to offer online ordering and delivery, which has become an essential service for many customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Additionally, Kroger’s loyalty program, which offers discounts and personalized coupons to shoppers, has helped to build customer loyalty and repeat business. These strategies have helped Kroger weather the challenges posed by its competitors and remain a leader in the supermarket industry.


The Kroger Company is the company behind the P$$t brand. Kroger’s role in the production of P$$t is to produce and distribute this product to supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the United States. Kroger is a great place to shop for food, especially for those on a budget. They have a wide selection of meats and produce and are very affordable.

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