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Who Makes Vice Golf Balls: Unveiling the Brand Behind

In today’s world, there are so many brands vying for our attention that it can be hard to know who makes which product. Vice Golf is one such brand that has managed to fly under the radar for some time now. In this article, we will unveil the company behind Vice Golf balls and explore what sets them apart from other golf ball manufacturers.

Who Makes Vice Golf Balls?

Vice golf balls are designed and manufactured by a company of the same name, which was founded in 2012 by two German lawyers who were also avid surfers. The company initially focused on selling premium golf balls in the German market before expanding to other parts of Europe and eventually entering the U.S. market [1] in 2015. 

Today, Vice offers a wide range of golf balls that are designed to suit different playing styles and provide optimal performance on the course. Whether you’re looking for maximum distance, more spin, or an enhanced feel, Vice has a golf ball that will suit your needs. 

Vice Balls

Where Are Vice Golf Balls Made?

Vice Golf balls are manufactured in two different locations: Germany and Taiwan. In Germany, Vice designed and engineered five distinct golf balls. They all provide high-quality products that are suitable for tour players. Initially, the company manufactured premium golf balls in Germany. Vice Golf expanded into Europe and the United States in 2015. Vice golf manufactures five distinct golf balls. 

Tour players are pleased with these golf balls because they are of high quality and have been independently tested by international testing institutes. The company behind Vice Golf is based near Munich, and the company’s president is a native of Bavaria. The core technology and design of the ball were developed in Germany, while the production process takes place in Taiwan. 

The choice of manufacturing location was made to keep costs down while still providing a high-quality product. The company is vertically integrated, which means that they control every aspect of the manufacturing process from start to finish. This allows them to produce a superior product at a lower cost than their competitors.

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What Are the Best Vice Golf Balls in the Market?

When it comes to golf balls, there are a lot of choices on the market. So, what are the best Vice golf balls? That’s a question that many people ask themselves when they’re looking to improve their game. Below are some of the best options out there.

Vice Tour Golf Balls

The Vice Tour Golf ball is an excellent choice for golfers who are looking for a ball that provides both durability and performance. The ball’s outer cover is made of advanced ethylene copolymers, which makes it resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, the DuPont Surlyn cover provides an extra layer of protection against cuts and scratches. 

Vice Tour Golf Balls

The ball’s dimple structure also helps to improve its aerodynamic properties, resulting in a smoother and more stable flight path. Overall, the Vice Tour Golf ball is a great option for golfers who want a ball that will last round after round.

Vice Drive Golf Balls

The Vice Drive golf ball is a top-quality ball that is perfect for anyone looking to improve their game. The ball’s cover is made of Dupont Surlyn, a very durable material that can withstand high-impact loads. Additionally, the ball is constructed of plastic and is perfectly adjustable. This makes it impenetrable, with no cuts or abrasions. Vice Drive is distinguished by its symmetrical dimple structure. 

Vice Drive Golf Balls

This unique design results in a longer roll phase and an optimal drive length. Additionally, the dimples help ensure that the golf ball remains perfectly buoyant following the tee shot. This makes the Vice Drive an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable golf ball.

Are Vice Golf Balls Actually Good?

Vice golf balls are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their impressive performance and competitive prices. But are they actually any good? The Vice Pro range of golf balls is a great option for those looking for quality without breaking the bank. They offer similar performance to more well-known brands, but at a fraction of the price. 

This is possible because Vice sells direct to consumers, cutting out the middleman and resulting in significant savings. So if you’re looking for a great deal on a quality golf ball, Vice is definitely worth checking out. Their balls are sure to give you the performance you need to take your game to the next level.

What is Different About Vice Golf Balls?

Vice golf balls have unique technology, like any other golf ball company, but their unique selling proposition is great golf balls at a fair price. They offer golf balls that work for each handicap and player’s ability. The thing that really sets the Vice golf ball apart, though, is the price range; all models of the Vice ball are really fairly priced. 

This makes them an attractive option for beginner and experienced golfers alike who are looking for a quality product without breaking the bank. 

Vice Golf Balls

Do Professionals Use Vice Golf Balls?

While most PGA tour players are under contract with a specific golf ball manufacturer, there are a handful of professionals that use Vice golf balls. These players are mostly on the Korn Ferry tour, as they are not subject to the same equipment restrictions as those on the PGA tour. Vice golf balls are known for their exceptional durability and distance, making them a popular choice for players who are looking to improve their game. 

In addition, Vice offers a variety of different models to suit different playing styles, which is another reason why they are popular among professional golfers. Whether you’re a scratch golfer or a weekend warrior, Vice has a golf ball that’s perfect for your game.

Which Vice Golf Ball is Designed for Golfers With Slower Swings?

One of the best things about Vice Golf is that they have a ball for just about every type of golfer. That includes those with slower swing speeds who are looking for maximum distance. The Vice Drive Golf Balls are the perfect choice for golfers in this category. It’s a two-piece ball that is designed for golfers with slower swing speeds who are looking for maximum distance. 

While it lacks the premium performance of some of its other products, it is unquestionably one of the best distance golf balls available. If you’re looking for a ball that will help you get the most out of your slower swing speed, the Vice Drive Golf Ball is a perfect choice.

golf ball

Which Vice Golf Ball is Like Chrome Soft?

Vice golf balls are known for their quality and performance. The Vice Pro Soft is the softest ball in the Vice line, offering maximum comfortability and a softer feel at slower swings. The Vice Tour Golf Ball is also softer than the Vice Drive Golf Ball, due to its lower compression. 

However, both balls offer excellent control and accuracy, making them great choices for both beginners and experienced golfers alike. So, if you’re looking for a quality golf ball that performs just as well as Chrome Soft, then Vice golf balls are definitely worth checking out.


Vice golf balls are great for players of all levels. They offer a variety of golf balls that are designed for different playing styles. The company is constantly innovating and improving its products. If you’re looking for a new golf ball, Vice is definitely a brand worth considering.

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