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Who Makes Yeat’s Beats: Why Are These Beats So Popular

It’s no secret that Yeat’s beats are some of the most popular in the world. But what makes them so great? Who makes them, and why are they so popular? In this article, we’ll explore all of that and more. 

Who Makes Yeat’s Beats?

Noah Oliver Smith, professionally known as Yeat, is a rapper, singer, audio engineer, music producer, and songwriter from Irvine, California, and Portland, Oregon. Aside from producing for himself, he has also produced for artists like Kankan, Wesley, and Bruhmanegod. Yeat’s beats are characterized by their dense layers of sound and emotion-evoking melodies. 

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He often uses vintage hardware and samples to create his unique soundscape. In an interview with XXL Magazine, Yeat spoke about his approach to making beats: “I try to make every beat sound like it’s from a different era or world. I want people to feel like they’re time-traveling when they listen to my music.” 

This philosophy is evident in his music. By blurring the lines between past and present, Yeat creates a sonic experience that is both timeless and modern.

How Did Yeat Get Famous?

Yeats was born in 2000 in Irvine, California [1]. He rose to popularity in 2021 after the release of his mixtape 4L and his debut studio album Up 2 Më, which included popular tracks like “Sorry Bout That”, “Money Twërk”, and “Monëy So Big” that gained popularity on TikTok. 

Yeats’s music is a mix of trap and R&B, and he often sings about his personal experiences with love, heartbreak, and wealth. In 2021, he was nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Best New Artist. Yeats is currently working on his second studio album, which is set to be released in 2022.

Why Are These Beats So Popular?

There are several reasons why Yeat’s beats have become so popular. First of all, they’re extremely catchy and easy to dance to. This is thanks in part to their simple, yet effective melodies and catchy hooks. Secondly, the production quality is top-notch, which helps the tracks sound professional and polished. 

Finally, many of his tracks feature viral trends that make them even more popular on social media platforms like TikTok. For example, his track “Monëy So Big” was used in a popular TikTok dance challenge that helped to propel it to viral status. As a result of these factors, it’s no surprise that Yeat’s beats have become some of the most popular tracks on the internet.

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Why is Yeat So Popular?

There’s no doubt that Yeat is an artist on the rise. His unique sound and style have resonated with listeners all over the world, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. So why is he so popular? Some might say it’s his catchy hooks or his ability to cross genres effortlessly. 

Others might point to his strong bond with his fans, who he frequently interacts with on social media. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that Yeat is one of the most buzzworthy artists out there right now. And if his past success is any indication, he’s only going to continue to rise in popularity in the years to come.

What Genre is Yeat’s Music?

Classifying Yeats’s music can be tricky, as he incorporates elements of multiple genres. However, hip hop, trap, and pop are the three defining genres of his sound. His music often features heavy beats and bass, with lyrics that focus on personal experience and social commentary. 

There is also an element of storytelling in many of his songs, which is a common trait of hip hop. However, Yeats’s music also includes catchy hooks and pop-influenced melodies, giving it a wider appeal than traditional hip hop. And finally, his use of auto-tune and other electronic effects places him firmly in the trap genre. 

Overall, Yeats’s music is a unique blend of multiple genres that appeals to a wide range of listeners.

How Much Did Yeat’s 2 Alive Sell?

Yeats’ 2 Alive sold an impressive 35,000 units in its first week, debuting at #5 on the Billboard 200. The album has been met with critical acclaim, with fans proclaiming Yeats as 2021’s breakout artist. This is Yeats’ second Billboard-charting album, and it is clear that he is only gaining momentum. 

Yeat's 2 Alive

With such incredible talent, it is no wonder that Yeats is quickly becoming one of the most popular artists of our time. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out 2 Alive—you won’t be disappointed.


In conclusion, Yeat’s beats are popular because they’re catchy, well-produced, and often feature viral trends. If you’re looking for some great new music to listen to, be sure to check out his work. You won’t be disappointed.

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